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by Darcy Pattison

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Today, I wanted to give you links to a series on National Public Radio about “Vocal Impressions.” Listeners are asked to listen to a variety of voices and then describe that voice. In light of our discussion of voices, it’s fascinating to see how different voices are described. I wonder if the Voice in our writing could be described so variously.

For Example:

Jack NIcholson’s voice sounds like: “A harmonica” ?

Yoanne Chartron Vocal Impressions, Hearing Voices, Round One has voice excerpts/voice descriptions of Morgan Freeman, Marilyn Monroe, Truman Capote and Patsy Cline.

Morgan Freeman’s voice sounds like: “A lion gargling with pebbles”

Susan Sullivan Vocal Impressions, Hearing Voices, Round Two has voice excerpts/voice descriptions of Jack Nicholson, Norah Jones and Cliff Edwards.

Norah Jones’s voice sounds like: “The reflection off a bright red apple”

Clayton Ebenr At Round Two’s site, they are also soliciting descriptions for Vocal Impressions, Hearing Voices, Round Three which has voice excerpts of Sean Connery, Bob Dylan, Odetta, and Mae West. Listen and contribute a description. (They should be playing round three soon; if you hear it, let me know!)

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