30 Days to a Stronger Scene in November


November is hereby declared the 30 Days to a Stronger Scene Month
Join us on Facebook for a discussion of scenes.
1) Write: write a scene of a story. Those doing NaNoWriMo can do this day in and day out and report on their progress here.

2) Think: think about scenes and how they work in fiction. Write a blog post about it and post the link here or on the Facebook Event Page. Talk about scenes, read how-tos about scenes, and stretch your understanding.

3) Read: I’ll be posting daily in a series, 30 Days to a Stronger Scene, at Fiction Notes (www. darcypattison.com) Come read and comment and talk.

4) Discuss: With your personal experience, thinking and reading, let’s talk. What works with scenes? How can we build stronger scenes? Examples of well done scenes?

Facebook Event Page: Join the Conversation

I created a Facebook Event Page for the series and hope you’ll post links to your posts, comments or musings.

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