The end


This is part of a series, 30 Days to A Stronger Novel

Does the revision process ever end?


How do you know when your novel is ready to send off to a publisher?

You don’t. This is all I know: I can’t think of anything else to do that will make it better. None of my critiquers are sparking anything that raises niggling questions. I’ve done the best job I know how to do at this time. Unless I get feedback from someone that takes me in new directions, there’s nothing more I know to do.

Then I send it off, unapologetically. Even it it gets rejections from everyone, I stand by what I said: I’ve done the best job I know to do at this time of my life.

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1 Comment
  • Janni
    September 28, 2007

    I’ve done the best job I know how to do at this time.

    Yes. That. Exactly.