Revise again?


This is part of a series, 30 Days to A Stronger Novel

Uh-oh. You got those critiques and your readers didn’t think your story was perfect.

I hear the groans and sighs. I see how tired you are and that you thought you were finished, but maybe–that little voice won’t let go the idea–you need to do one more big change in plot.

Yes. It happens. A major revision is a failure.

No. You mustn’t think of it that way! The revision you just finished is a major step on the way to a novel that will proudly display your name as author!

How do you face another revision, right after you’ve just done a revision? With courage and determination, just as you faced this revision. Most novels will go through three or four major revisions and some need much more than that. The key is to hold a standard in your mind and not be satisfied until you reach that.

What is your standard?

Then, think honestly about what your next step should be. Submission or revision?

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