O Happy Day


Today, I get to revise.

I will . . .

  • . . . rewrite the opening of a picture book ten different ways. I make my freshman composition students rewrite their openings three ways and always, the later tries are better. This picture book needs that kind of work to get past the cliches for the opening.
  • Rethink

  • . . . rethink a post for next week on plots. It’s an overview of the methods of plotting,a thoughtful piece that surveys the many books on the topic and makes some generalizations. It needs some filling in and some links and re-thinking to make sure the logic works.
  • . . . reread a couple chapter of my novel. Re-reading is the #1 revision activity. Before you can revise, you must re-read. So, I’ll read and think and be ready to make changes next week.

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