Novel Revision Retreat in a Book


Did you know that the Novel Revision Retreat is available in a book?

In 1999, I started teaching a retreat for beginning to intermediate writers, for those getting encouraging rejections, but could not quite get that acceptance letter. This year, there are four debut novels coming out of those retreats and so far, three more for 2012.

Podcast: Listen to a Conversation about Novel Revision

I recently had a conversation with Bridgette Mongeon (Bri jeet Mon zho), about the workbook for the retreat, Novel Metamorphosis: Uncommon Ways to Revise, including tips for using it with a group. She taped it as a podcast, which is posted today.
Listen to the podcast.

Watch a retreat in progress

This video is from a San Francisco retreat.

Plan a Retreat in Your Area

novel metamorphosis by darcy pattison

Novel Revision Retreat in a Book

Interested in hosting a retreat? Email me for details on bringing the Novel Revision Retreat to your area. darcy at darcypattison dot com

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