How Do You Get Back Into A Story?

Here’s the question: How do you get back into a story?

After the Cooling Off Period — Then What?

Everyone recommends a cooling off period for a story. But how do you get back into a story when you come back to it? And what’s the longest cooling off period you’ve had and successfully gone back to the story? 1 year? 10 years?

How do you get back into a story after a cooling off period?

I’m interested in how you’d answer this question. Looking forward to seeing what discussion emerges. Feel free to answer as a comment below of if you want to take it up as a post on your blog – please leave a link in comments so we can track what everyone is writing.

One response to “How Do You Get Back Into A Story?”

  1. Keeping in mind my revision letters or critiques, I reread the story rather quickly making very general notes in the margins. I pose most ideas as questions (Would this scene work better later?) or maybes (Maybe my secondary character’s problem should be my main character’s instead.)This allows me to think freely, brainstorming all possibilities, before I dive into the details. It’s a less-threatening approach.