400 Online Research Tools

Last week, marked the 400th posting and one-year mark for the Revision Notes blog.

To celebrate, watch for these “400” postings this week

400 Online Research Tools (Well, OK, just 4)

  • Historical Research. Need to know what happened 400 years ago in 1608? Wikipedia.com is a great place to START. Yes, Wikipedia is a collaboratively edited compiliation of pages, and not a peer-edited resource. But it’s still a great starting point. Check out the reference links at the bottom of the page, which usually include more scholarly items.
  • Economic research. Relocating 400 miles away and want to know if the salary offer is worth the move? Check out this Relocation Calculator. For many more Cost of Living resource calculators, look at the University of Michigan Library list of statistical resources on the web.

    Or, try this Inflation Index calculator.

  • Name research. Popular baby names by date from the Social Security Administration.
  • Literary research. Rhyming words for four hundred. Find end rhymes, last syllable rhymes, or first syllable rhymes. Or, look up famous quotes at Bartleby.com.