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Plotting Software

I’ve been looking around at plotting software and not finding much. There are a couple interesting programs, though.

This superb program that is more than just a glorified electronic note card system. It’s set up with all the right blanks to be filled in that will make you think about the story structure.
(Note: For Macs, run this under Wine on OSX or Macbook with Leopard.

Google Notebook This article discusses using Google’s online Notebook to help plot. It’s not much of a variation on other methods, except the data is stored online and is accessible from anyplace, or is easy to share for critiques.

Spreadsheet Plotting This method uses a spreadsheet to keep track of scenes or chapters. Click on the link above to read more.

What other programs do you find helpful for plotting the first draft of a novel? Surely, there are others, but I couldn’t find much.

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  • Misti
    July 16, 2009

    I’m partial to Scrivener, myself. I just started using it this year, and it helps a ton! I’ve been using it for plotting, drafting, compiling research, linking scenes, tracking which characters are in/mentioned in which scene, and more. :-)