Agent Wants Plot

Agent Emphasizes Need for Plot

NelsonThe Guide to Literary Agents blog has a new agent interview with Kristin Nelson, who writes the PubRants blog. Since we’re talking about plotting a novel, this remark jumped out at me.

When GLA asked what what she’s looking for right now, Nelson said:

KN: I’d love to see more literary fiction with that strong commercial bent—like Jamie Ford. Great storytelling, lovely writing, and a dynamic plot to really drive the story.
I see a lot of literary fiction with superb writing but there’s no solid plot to keep the pace strong. (emphasis mine) I certainly see the value in beautifully written and introspective literary fiction such as Prague—but it’s not right for me.
I want literary fiction with a genre plot—if that makes any sense. (Read the whole interview here.)

It’s one more reason why you need to know the 20 Plot Templates we discussed yesterday.

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