Novel Characters Transform

When you write or revise a novel, one thing to check for is how characters change or transform one another.

Novel Characters Transform Each Other

Pillow Fight, Piazza Maggiore, by Donato Accogli
Pillow Fight, Piazza Maggiore by Donato Accogli

In my WIP, I just created a chart showing the emotional narrative arc of two characters. Each is pushed along that narrative arc by the other character.

Character A:
Hides emotions———————————————-Follows heart

Character B:
Aimless/easily discouraged————————– Goal-oriented/tenacious

The point of this is that Character B’s strength is impulsively following her heart, so she can push Character A along his emotional arc. Character A’s strength is to choose a goal and stick with it as long as needed, so he can push Character B along her arc.

Of course, other plot events and other characters can also impact these arcs, but in this story I want the change to come mostly from the other character.

I’m checking the scenes I’ve written and planned to make sure that there is a series of steps to create these arcs.