Writers Need to Whine Sometimes

Here’s another creative writing prompt for your 750 words, a challenge to write 750 words each day to better Think Like a Writer. Read more here.

USUALLY, no Whining Allowed. But Today is a Legal Whining Day! Have at it!
Do you need to get your gripes out? 750Words.com bills itself as “Private, unfiltered, spontaneous, daily.”

One way that I use the 750 Words to think like a writer is to get rid of all the negative un-writerly thoughts.

Yes, I gripe.
I complain.
I #@$#($*#(*(.

Yes, indeed, it is cathartic to do this in a bold, unfiltered way.
Today, write 750 words and just get it off your chest.

With that out of the way, you can Think Like a Writer the rest of the day.

Just don’t get in the habit of doing this every day–that would be a wasteful way to spend your 750 words. But sometimes. . .

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