When Life is Hard

When life is hard, how do you keep on working?

We got back from vacation to find our house had been broken into, our computers stolen.

That meant we had to do all the Identify Theft precautions, in addition to everything else.

Then, yesterday, in a sudden summer rainstorm, my son totaled out vehicle. He’s unharmed! (Life could be very hard indeed; instead, it’s merely hard.)

How do you keep on working when life is hard?

It’s not like we punch a time clock. We’re self employed. We can work or not work, as we want. Of course, no work, means no paycheck. So, what are some coping strategies?

For me, it goes back to quilting. When my kids were little and I wanted to make a quilt, I divided the task into short chunks. One day, I cut. The next, I sewed Square A to Square B. The next, I ironed all the AB Squares. The next, I sewed Square C to Square D. The next, I ironed Square CD. The next, I sewed Squares AB and CD together.

(My daughter’s wedding quilt.)

No day produced tons of work. But by constantly chipping away at the work, I got it done.

Today, I finished up a bibliography.
Tomorrow, I will proofread a proposal.

Life is hard. But by chunking the work into small sections, this slow rabbit will finish the race.

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