Trust the Process


I’m still struggling to find a new topic for a novel. I can’t separate the story out of the background of my life right now. That character or characters haven’t popped out of the background yet.

I’ve written about several characters.’ve tried combining a couple of ideas, and it sorta works, but it’s not jelling yet.
I’ve ignored it for a while and come back to it fresh.
I’ve re-read old failed novels, wondering if I can revise one or more; or more drastic, if I might cannabalize parts of one or another.

There’s a two part solution:


So far, I’m still in the BIC (Butt-in-Chair) phase and there’s nothing that has captured my imagination enough to commit.

Trust the Process

I don’t consider if writer’s block at all. There’s nothing emotional keeping me from writing and in fact, I’m getting lots of non-fiction written. It’s just that no new characters have grabbed me yet. No plot has fascinated me.

I am reading widely.
I am writing daily.
I am exploring many options.
I am trusting the process; it will come.

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  • Susana Mai
    March 15, 2010

    I agree, sometimes you’ve just got to wait. The blank page may seem intimidating, but why push things if all you’ve got is a box of Jello mix and no boiling water? (Yes, I did just try to make an analogy that would relate with the fact that “it’s not jelling yet.”)

    Good luck!

  • Darcy Pattison
    March 15, 2010

    LOL on the Jelling/jello analogy!

    It’s an active waiting, anyway; I’m writing lots, just haven’t found that WOW factor I’m looking for.