How to Prioritize Your Writing Tasks

Prioritize Your Writing Time

Does your To-Do List look anything like mine? I constantly have to carve out time to put my writing first. How do you prioritize? By Urgency – the deadline for this one is close? Or by Passion – I’m most interested in this project?

To Do: Writing

  • Revise my VNovel. I’m putting off reading your critique, D. Too scared!
  • Tweak and submit ILYMCB project to another publisher


  • Write pitch for S. magazine
  • Finish formatting article for WOW! Women on Writing website and submit. This was an assigned article and is due next week.
  • Brainstorm for an easy reader
  • Work on this week’s Friday Ideas
  • Read education standards in preparation for editing a picture book

To Do: Upcoming Events or Deadlines

  • Send in registration for MO Retreat
  • Complete Call for Proposals for Arkansas Association of Instructional Media conference.
  • Complete application for Arkansas Arts Council Individual Artist Grants: the category this year is non-fiction.
  • Finish and send paperwork for the Massachusetts Novel Revision Retreat in July. Download pdf brochure here.

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    1. Hey Darcy, stopped by via a Tweet that highlighted your blog…so glad I did! “I often ask myself, what does the audience expect next. And I try not to give it to them.” That quote alone was worth the trip! K.