Timely Articles and Books

This collection of articles and books are timely for various reasons.

  • Writing on the Ether: Happy Holidata! Guest post by Porter Anderson on JaneFriedman.com blog. Jane has her pulse, as always, on the future of publishing and Anderson’s post is about a survey of the digital landscape:

    Let’s take just a festive twinkling here to note this moment. End of 2012: authors have been added to a major publishing community survey for its first time.

    Read more at publishingperspectives.com, too.

  • 12-21-12 Does the world end on Friday? Is Armageddon upon us? Joanne Hirase’s debut novel 2012: The Rising say, “Yes, this is the end.” Hurry! Read now, before–well, The End.
  • Wow, a gutsy Brit (at least he currently lives in York) delivers a gutsy marriage proposal–via a book.
  • Chris Boch talks about her path to publication:

    I was recently on a panel about “hope and rejection” at a writers schmooze, and three of us have had gaps of at least seven years between book sales. Read more.