The Year that Was

2009 is the year that was. . .

Full of Major Life Events. Our family had two engagements, one wedding, three graduations (one high school, two master’s degrees!), one death, announcements of another grandchild on the way, major changes for our 19 year old who is facing life decisions, major travel with a great trip with just my spouse, and the turning of a chapter as we now have an empty nest. Joys, sorrows, and hopes. Isn’t that a Full Life? Hey, let’s all kick up our heels!

Full of Writing, but not much sales. After the December 2008 purge of editors and salary freeze, the sale of mss has been hard for many. Those doing work-for-hire to pay for groceries have scrambled harder this year than many a year.

Full of Learning. I’ve taken online courses about websites, marketing online and Fearless Writing. I’m never happy unless I’m learning something.

Full of Books. I’ve read and read this year and hope next year is the same. OK, I don’t do many predictions about awards, but I’m sticking my neck out here. My prediction/hope for the Newbery: Heart of a Shepherd by Roseanne Perry. (She is a 2k9-er and did a guest post here.) I liked this so much, I even wrote an Amazon review of it.

Full of Hope. Hope and faith that life goes through cycles, up and down, and the cycle must go up again.

Here’s to 2010!