NYT List, Sales, and Champagne

Wow! A couple of you have had great success this year. Read these:

  • April Henry: “One of my books hit the NYT list! I sold a new YA. And I learned my next YA will be a lead title from Holt next fall. This has been my best writing year ever – and I got my first contract in 1997.”
  • Janni Simner: “I had one book come out and sold two more this year, which makes it … pretty much my best writing year since 1996.
    Hmm, looked at that way, I clearly need to drink some more champagne! :-)”

For me, I kept writing and producing through a hard personal year; also, I’ve experimented with lots of new things. It’s not as exciting as April’s or Janni’s, of course, but I count it a successful year.

In this year when the economy has supposedly been in the dumps, I’d love to hear more stories of success! It’s encouraging to all of us.

What are your successes this year? Please, share!

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  • Kimberley Griffiths Little
    December 17, 2009

    I’m like April in that I had my best year since 1997 when my first book sold. I got a new, amazing agent, signed a three-book contract with Scholastic and made more in my advance than the previous ten years combined. Of course, we’ll see if I can earn it back now! After a seven year horrible famine, it feels wonderful, but also such a relief to be back in the game.