Living Life so Fiction Can Grow


For the next four or five days, I won’t write. I won’t look at a novel manuscript or a picture book manuscript or even think the word, “Revise.”

Just Breathe

“How important it is to take the time to read literature, to look at art, to go to concerts. If all parts of your brain aren’t nourished, you become really limited — less sensitive. It’s like food. You’d get pretty strange if you at ice cream all the time.” — Kent Nagano, orchestra conductor.

I plan to shop for groceries, cook, ride bikes, visit the art center, cheer for a Razorback football game (Arkansas v. LSU), and talk and talk and talk to friends and family.

And re-read my two favorite children’s books about Thanksgiving:
Molly's Pilgrim

Thank you sarah

Happy Thanksgiving!
See you on Monday!

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