10 Ways to Beat the “Hurry Up and Wait” Blues


I have recently turned in two project and in this slow business, it is time to “Hurry Up and Wait.” I don’t do this well. We’ve already taken vacations for the year. So, I’ve made a to-do list.

  1. Volunteer. There are some projects that I’ve wanted to do pro-bono, so this is the time to dive in and get them done.
  2. Gone Fishing for Stories. I am reading two books about the mythical island of Atlantis, trolling for ideas. It may come to nothing, but I am trolling and hoping to catch a big one.
  3. Read Dracula. Really. I recently read a comment from someone that she liked reading Twilight and thought it a good read; then, she read Dracula and found out what really good writing was like. Shrug. I may or may not agree, but I’ve got it downloaded on my Kindle to read. Click here for an interesting look at a variety of Dracula book covers.
  4. Promote. You know me as a writing teacher; but I can only teach because I also write. And I am in the depths of promotion for my new book, DESERT BATHS. Wow, there’s lots of things to do. I have promo copies to give away and people to talk with.
  5. Write speeches on Social Media and Novel Revision. I have a couple upcoming big presentations: a three-hour presentation on Social Media and a two-hour presentation on novel revision. The problem with the novel revision is condensing and focusing a weekend retreat into only two hours. The problem with the social media presentation is figuring out what I think about the mass of information I have, and then figure out how to present it. (If you run across any good articles on social media, any breaking news–please send me a link!)
  6. Blog Projects. Of the several long-term projects for this blog, I will be working on some videos.
  7. Write 750words.com. If all else fails, I will turn to 750words.com and write for 15-20 minutes without stopping.
  8. Try something new. I could learn about Instagram, do a Pinterest tutorial, or write a sonnet. I like the sonnet idea.
  9. Take a long walk. Walk and walk and walk and walk.
  10. Hurry up and wait. Start a new novel. Yes!

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  • kristina Stanley
    October 6, 2012

    I like number 10 the best. Starting a new novel is a great way to keep motivated. It kept me from fixating on my email and when will I hear back from my agent.