4 Habits That Help Your Writing

As a writer, I consider habits to be my friends.

4 Habits that Help Your Writing

  • Habit of Writing. I’m in the habit of writing M-F from about 10 am to 3 pm. There are many days when I’m disgruntled, or discouraged, or tired, or distracted. But I follow my habit and sit down to write and get lots done! When/where do you write? Is it, or could it be, a habit?
  • Habit of Visiting Bookstores. I’m in the habit of visiting bookstores to browse the new titles available — invaluable market research. Our local critique group meets at a bookstore, so I always plan to go early or stay late and look around.
  • Habit of Reading New Books. Regular bookstore visits also means I’m in the habit of reading new books. I check out new books from our local library, but I also buy books. It doesn’t help to only read books published twenty or fifty years ago. Keeping up with current publication trends helps you to market better. Besides, there are so many GOOD books out, that it’s a pleasure.
  • Habit of Encouraging Other Writers. Ours is a deadly business, where your ego is laid on the line each time you send out a manuscript. So, I’ve made it my habit to encourage others: comment on a blog posting, listen to a gripe about a submission, offer a positive critique, suggest markets, cheer on the efforts & successes of others, buy a friend’s book, write a review on Amazon for a friend’s book, etc.