27 Tools for Writers

Writers use many tools! Here are some I use online, offline, and by hand.

Essential Writing Tools:

Preferred Writing Tools

  • WordPerfect

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/fdecomite/2916728372/

  • Ywriter
  • Printer, pen or pencil, highlighter pen
  • Unabridged Dictionary
  • Rhyming dictionary
  • Thesaurus
  • Internet Access – prefer Foxfire browser, though I use Google’s Chrome on my netbook
  • Flash Drive – my current one holds 4g and actually holds the Ywriter program on it, so I can use it from any computer
  • Writing Friends

Online Tools I use daily

  • Check up-to-date sales rank on Amazon: Sales Rank Express
  • To keep track of real time statistics of visitors on my blog, I use Statcounter.
  • To keep track of the blogs I want to read, I use Google Reader.
  • Facebook.com – Reluctantly, I’m pulled into this time drain simply because everyone is doing it, therefore, if I want to know what’s happening, I gotta check it, too.

Online Tools I use monthly

  • However, for long-term statistics, I use Google Analytics.
  • To keep long term tracking of sales on Amazon, use TitleZ.

Fun to Have Writing Tools

43 Resources for Writers

Best Software for Writers

  • 2010 Creative Writing Software Review – great chart comparing features of software for writers.
  • Need basic grammar help? Check out Writing Software Solutions or the White Smoke folks, who even have software to help dyslexic writers.
  • Amazon has lots of software on writing fiction:
  • Writing picture books or illustrating picture books? Look at how the Celtx software integrates text and pictures. FREE
  • Mac users can use Scrivener to keep ANY writing project organized.
  • Write Room (Mac) and Dark Room (PC) present writers with just a screen and text, no toolbars – which are perceived by some as distractions. If you constantly jump onto the internet, this writing software might help keep you on track.

  • One response to “27 Tools for Writers”

    1. Really great and useful things. I often use dictionaries, spell checkers and thesauruses. And most of all I like online versions of them, because they avaliable anywhere, where I can get Internet access, like synonyms dictionary.
      And it’s possible because I always traveling and working on my small notebook, so these apps are great in different cases too.