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  • Developing Your Writer’s Voice

    Design Star Finds Voice Last night, I watched HGTV crown the new “Design Star,” Meg Caswell. I had watched some throughout the season and the judge’s commentary always made me think of the writer’s voice. One of the challenges of the Design Star is to meld entertainment and solid interior design, making information fun. While […]

  • Where Did the Summer Go?

    Where did July and August go? Computer Woes. First, my server has been wonky for the last two weeks–apologies. If you have any difficulty getting to pages, please send me an email so I can straighten it out (darcy at darcypattison dot com). Travel. For me, this summer included a great two-week trip to China. […]

  • Voice Trumps Everything

    My WIP novel has hit a snag. I was just writing along, following the plot I outlined, concentrating on using strong scenes this time, when I came to a curious section. Choosing a Point of View Character Here the main character (MC) needs to be housebound because of a flu epidemic. But the plot requires […]

  • Voice Friday: Word Sounds

    Voice Friday: Word Choices Voice Friday: Word Connotations Voice Friday: Word Sounds One last posting on how words affect voice–though these thoughts on words will echo throughout any discussion of voice. Newbery winner, Paul Fleischman says, “. . . the sounds of the words on the page, I would like to argue, are as worthy […]

  • The Writer’s Voice: What is Voice?

    This week, I’m revising Paper Lightning: Sparking Student Brainstorming for Effective Prewriting, a teacher resource book that will come out next year. The editor keeps asking me to clarify places and I shoot her back a casual email. She likes “the you” that comes through in the emails and has asked me to include more […]