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  • Hot Potato: Let that Manuscript Cool Off

    You type, “The End.” Then, you write a fast letter to an editor and send off a couple sample chapters. Oops! You forgot one thing. That manuscript needs to cool off before you send it out. It is the single, hardest thing for me to do. I do not want to wait and besides that, […]

  • 10 Ways to Beat the “Hurry Up and Wait” Blues

    I have recently turned in two project and in this slow business, it is time to “Hurry Up and Wait.” I don’t do this well. We’ve already taken vacations for the year. So, I’ve made a to-do list. Volunteer. There are some projects that I’ve wanted to do pro-bono, so this is the time to […]

  • 10 Ways to Wait

    10 things to do while waiting 8 months to hear from an editor on a requested revision Waiting What would you add to this list? Check your email every 15 minutes. Alternately, leave your email program on and the volume set to high, so that it bellows at you, “You’ve got mail,” and you can […]