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  • 5 Plotting Mistakes

    Do you make these 5 plotting mistakes? Are you too nice to your characters? Low tension. Give characters large, overwhelming obstacles to overcome. Of course, you love this dear fellow you created and like any good parent, you want only

  • Novel Endings

    This week, I’ve been revising my story and am coming near the end. How should I end it? Novel Endings I know the ending that I have planned, but I want to be sure it’s the strongest ending. I know that the ending should bring together the antagonist/villain in a scene of great emotional power.…

  • Page 32

    Page 32, the last page in a picture book is a chance to give the reader a twist, or emphasize an emotion. Page 32 The last page of a picture book is a left-hand single page. Consider ways to use this last chance to connect with the readers. Emphasize the emotional connection. In Officer Buckle…