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  • 5 Tips for Great Series Titles

    I am working on a new early chapter series (more details after the contract is signed!) and the first step is to nail down a series title. What Makes a Good Series Overall Title? Here’s some of the criteria we are thinking about as we work on a series title. Search Engines. The title must […]

  • Your Novel’s Welcome Mat: Intriguing Titles

    Welcome Mat: Your Novel’s Title When you are brainstorming titles, think of it as a welcome mat. A title’s job is to bring readers into your novel, story, or picture book. This is why the title is often changed by

  • Novel Hooks

    Strong Titles Sell Novels and Books I’ve been thinking a lot about titles for novels, or really any book, trying to give them stronger hooks. Titles are essentially sales tools: for you to sell to the publisher and for the publisher to sell to the public. After you have several books out and start to […]

  • Titles

    I’ve been playing with titles of a book this week and trying to find something that works. Of course, titles are marketing tools, designed to catch an audience’s imagination, and get them to pick up the book, and look inside. First, I thought carefully about the audience. Who would be reading this book and why? […]