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  • 5 Magic Words Every Writer Should Use

    If you are a writer, you have five magic words: I am writing a book. These simple words (or variations of them) can be used to do a variety of tricks: Research. If you need research for your novel or your nonfiction words, you need help from experts. The Magic Words often open doors and […]

  • 4 Tips on Promoting to Educators

    Put your Book in Educator’s Classrooms A friend and I recently sat down with two librarians to talk about what they like to hear in presentations. Their needs were different: one teaches in an elementary school and one in a high school. Yet, they agreed on several things. Educators are one market for most authors […]

  • Retreat Trailer

    For an inside glimpse of the Novel Revision Retreat, here’s a short video podcast or trailer from the recent San Rafael, California retreat.

  • CA Retreat

    I’m just back from a Novel Revision Retreat in San Rafael, CA. What a great time. I always learn so much from other writers. My suite-mate wasn’t taking my class, but I watched her

  • Prioritize

    What Do Writers Do All Day? I’m just back from Illinois where last weekend, I taught a Novel Revision retreat to a fantastic group of writers. One of the humorous things that happened: One writer had a chapter in which a character wrote about a condominium, but the character couldn’t spell, so wrote, “. . […]

  • 6 Distractions

    Why Some Distractions Are OK I am distracted these days from writing my novel. It’s partly because I’m teaching a Novel Revision Retreat in Illinois this weekend. But I also find these things to be distracting. Family. Well, of course, family interferes. Katherine Paterson has said that family takes up so much time and energy, […]