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  • Links: Random Acts of Publicity

    For more information on the Random Acts of Publicity Week, see this post or the Facebook Event page. Today’s task for Random Acts of Publicity: Write something online and link to your friend’s website, blog, book page, Facebook page, etc. Why are we spending an entire day on links? Because of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! […]

  • PR Starts with Websites: Keywords

    PR Notes: Start with Optimized Websites The first thing you should do for book publicity promotion is a website (or a blog). I know. Most of you have one. But let’s do a check to see if it’s the most effective it could be. 1) Put your name into a search engine. Great. Your website/blog […]

  • Random Links

    Random Acts of Publicity: Links Why should you care about linking to a friend’s book? Google. And other search engines. Ever wondered how to get your page to show up on the #1 position on a Google search query?