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  • 4 Revision Goals: Conflict, Emotion, Surprise, Enrich

    For the next month, my writing goals for my work-in-progress novel trilogy are clear: conflict, emotion, surprise, enrich. The trilogy is tentatively called, The Blue Planets, and is an early-teen or YA science fiction. Book 1, The Blue Marble, has a complete draft; for Books 2 and 3, I have complete outlines. I’m happy with […]

  • All Ages

    What Age Do you Have to Be to Write a Novel? The question of the perfect age to write a novel comes up sometimes when I do school visits. Too young? At what age are you too young to write a novel and have it published? I’ve seen a 13 year old published and published […]

  • Voice Trumps Everything

    My WIP novel has hit a snag. I was just writing along, following the plot I outlined, concentrating on using strong scenes this time, when I came to a curious section. Choosing a Point of View Character Here the main character (MC) needs to be housebound because of a flu epidemic. But the plot requires […]