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  • Why Now? Believable Plots

    One question that is often overlooked in plotting is “Why Now?” Let’s say you want your character to decide to complain to the principal about someone bullying them. OK. Great. It’s surely time Emily got some spunk and got Jeremy off her back. But why now? It must be explained by actions and motivations that…

  • 10 Social Media Goals for Author Promotion

    Twitter, Facebook, Good Reads and More When and where should authors use social media? I recently read a blog post about how businesses are using social media. Here, I go through these 10 purposes and muse about how authors might use social media for the same reasons.

  • Quoted at the Conference

    Many speakers used quotes in their presentations or made memorable statements. Here’s my collection of quotes from the conference: About True Love: “It’s great when a publisher loves my work, but a contract is better; a contract is True Love.” Jarrett J. Krosocka, picture book and graphic novel author and illustrator. Humorous Take on True…