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  • Take a Creative Risk – You Might Surprise Yourself

    I’ve been writing for years. (Let’s not discuss how many exactly!) It’s easy to fall into habits and to think about stories in certain ways. The best creative people, though, insist that they are constantly learning and to do that, they try something different. They take risks. Let me suggest some risks you might want […]

  • Marketing Strategies: Who, Access, Willing?

    DA wrote to ask for help in developing a proposal to send to an agent. As part of the fiction package, the agent was asking for this information. “Marketing strategies (what will you do to sell your book in cooperation with the publisher?) Increasingly, fiction and non-fiction authors are encouraged to promote their novels themselves […]

  • 8 Sources of Market Info

    Sell your novel! AND Your Other Writing Where do you get marketing info that helps you decide when and where to submit? General Market books. The Writer’s Digest market books are the best known and have a reputation for delivering up-to-date information. Writer’s Market Deluxe 2010

  • Hook an Agent

    Here’s a redux from Miss Snark’s archived website: how to write a great hook for a novel? You would use this short paragraph as you compose a cover letter or a query letter. How to Write a Great Novel Hook The indomitable Miss Snark suggested that you structure a hook for your story along these […]

  • Flap copy

    Someone recently asked, “What is flap copy?” Flap copy is the blurb that appears on the flap of the dust jacket for a book. It’s written like a “hook,” trying to persuade the reader that they will enjoy reading this book, so go buy it! Sometimes, it’s referred to as jacket copy. It is the […]