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  • Master Plot for Pacing, Characterization and Action

    Somewhere in your writer’s head is a Master Plot, an idea of what a story or novel should be like, how it should progress. For writers who don’t outline–the write-by-the-seat-of-their-pants writers–the Master Plot is hard-wired into their brains. For the rest of us, the idea of a Master Plot is helpful. Hero’s Journey. The hero’s […]

  • Terabithia’s Hero’s Journey

    Using the Hero’s Journey to Plot At the Michigan SCBWI conference two weeks ago, I was asked to teach about the Hero’s Journey. Taken from Joseph Campbell’s classic work on folklore, the hero’s journey is a classic paradigm for plot, especially for quest stories. The best book for studying the hero’s journey is The Writer’s […]

  • 4 More Plot Variations

    In part 1, I covered plot patterns beginning with character or beginning with a pattern such as the Hero’s Journey. This continues the discussion of 9 ways to plot. 5. Combinations of Plot Paradigms Many descriptions of how to write plot combine a couple of these paradigms: Overlaid with Three Act Structure. Syd Field: Snowflake […]

  • Plot: Characters v. Patterns

    Plot: 9 Ways of Looking at Plot I’ve been thinking about plot and looking through my library of writing books to see the big picture of how plot is discussed and taught, how writers approach plot. It seems to me that the discussions fall into about 9 camps. 1. Plot equals character. This camp says […]