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  • 3 Examples of Sharpening Humor for Kids

    I am working on an short chapter book and I want it to be funny. My kids say I have no sense of humor and they are right. But fortunately, I have a quote for that: I love revisions. Where else in life can spilled milk be transformed into ice cream?” ~ Katherine Paterson, Gates […]

  • Running gags

    In Search of Humor: The Classic Running Gag What I’m currently reading: Why am I reading this book? I’m not funny. Ask my kids, I lack any sense of humor. But kids love humor, gags, slapstick, jokes, puns, funny things happening in a story or a novel. I’m near the end of my WIP novel […]

  • What Kids Think is Funny

    If you want to write a picture book with humor, you must understand the development of humor in kids. Thanks, Tammi, for asking for something on this topic. If you have requests for a certain topic about picture books, send me an email, or put something in the comments. Writing Funny Picture Books Here are […]