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  • 1.6 Million Reasons Why Your Books Should Be in the iBook Store

    Have your books been updated and made for sale as ebooks? Are you on the Kindle store, the Nook store, or the Kobo store? Great. But if you’re not on the iBook store, you’re missing sales. Here’s why. A recent 2014 survey by Education Market Research asked schools about what tablets they currently own. Apple’s […]

  • Kobo Writing Life: Publish Your eBook with Ease

    For the last few years, the best options for Indie publishers to publish an eBook have been Kindle, Nook and Apple iBooks. Now, there’s another big competitor on the scene, Kobo Books. Kobo’s Writing Life opens the market to authors and provides exciting new opportunities. Especially exciting is the collaboration with independent bookstores and the […]

  • Multiple Ebook Platforms: Apple, Kobo, Kindle, Nook, PDF

    My picture book, WISDOM, THE MIDWAY ALBATROSS is now available as in iBook. To access it, you must go to the iBook app on your iPhone or iPad. Then, search for the iBook. Or, click here to be taken to the page on iTunes. Do you want your book to sell as an ebook? Here […]

  • Alternate Publishing: Book Apps

    Continuing the series about Alternate Publishing. This is 4 of 8. Alternate Publishing Series TOC Alternate Publishing: POD to Finish a Series Alternate Publishing: Niche Marketing of Nutrition for Kids Alternate Publishing: Historical Fiction uTales: Digital Picture Book Publishing Goes Global Guest Post by Jean Helprin Diehl In December 2010, my good friend Kathryn Freeman […]

  • IndieBound E-Reader

    This is an odds and ends day! Lots of illness in my family, so I’m just trying to hang in there and get my 750 words written today. Independent Bookstores Get Branded eBook Reader IndieBound Mobile APP (only for Android right now, but soon for iOS) was released this week. It is a branded ebook […]

  • How To Write A Picture Book: Resources

    12 Updated Resources for 2011 State of the industry. First, a basic question: Are picture books dead? Not according to Karen Springen and PW. Don’t Write the Obit For Picture Books Yet, By Karen Springen, Dec 12, 2010 Writing Encouragement. Natl Pic Book Writing Week May 1-7, 2011National Picture Book Writing Week is a take […]