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  • Alternate Publishing: Book Apps

    Continuing the series about Alternate Publishing. This is 4 of 8. Alternate Publishing Series TOC Alternate Publishing: POD to Finish a Series Alternate Publishing: Niche Marketing of Nutrition for Kids Alternate Publishing: Historical Fiction uTales: Digital Picture Book Publishing Goes Global Guest Post by Jean Helprin Diehl In December 2010, my good friend Kathryn Freeman […]

  • Are Epub Picture Books Still 32 Pages?

    DOES EPUB CHANGE THE 32-PAGE ILLUSTRATED PICTURE BOOK? The gold standard for printed, illustrated children’s picture books is 32 pages. It has to do with the way paper folds: eight sheets will fold nicely into what is called a signature. More than that, the ends of the pages don’t align well. Four signatures is 32 […]

  • Rituals for Digital Submissions

    I’m sending out my novel today. Long ago, when submissions were paper, writers and authors often went through rituals to send out a manuscript for their novel or picture book. A lucky cat had to sit on the manuscript. It had to mailed with certain types of stamps. You kissed the envelope for luck. IN […]

  • The Ultimate Query Letter Guide

    How to Write a Query Letter I’m attending a retreat this weekend and we are supposed to bring a query letter for critique. In preparation, I’ve read a variety of articles about “how to write a successful query letter” and found the best available on the internet today. Basics How to Write a Query A […]

  • Digital Versions of The Wayfinder

    My novel, The Wayfinder, is now available in two different digital versions. You can still find used copies of the book on Amazon, Abebooks and other online stores. In addition, you can download the novel from Amazon’s Kindle store and from Mobipocket’s Ebook store. Amazon’s version requires the Kindle, Amazon’s exclusive ebook reader. Mobipocket can […]

  • 33 pages

    The 33 page picture book No, there are no 33-page picture books. Not yet. At a recent conference, though, I had a discussion about why picture books are usually 32 pages. One person suggested