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  • Revising a Picture Book: Length, Common Core, Details and Research

    I just did a quick revision of a picture book that’s in progress. Shorter. One goal was to shorten the story whenever possible. I cut out an entire page, and an entire sentence. Doesn’t sound like much? At only 700 words, the story is as streamlined as I can make it. Well, no. I just […]

  • Excitement: Starting a New Novel

    There’s an excitement in the air! I’ve started a new novel project. Here’s what I don’t want to happen: I don’t want the excitement for this project to get bogged down and dribble away. It happens too easily, as life issues take over, as problems arise with the project, or just as the work drags […]

  • Rereading: Details, Emotions, Scene Cuts, Conflict

    Reread your story. Does it surprise you at any point? Does it keep YOUR interest? Recently I reread a story that I had not read for a while, long enough for me to start to be fuzzy on details. Here are some things that struck me. Interesting details. Stories which leave behind generalities in favor […]

  • Using Setting & Description in Creative, yet Crucial Ways

    Setting: “Where am I? And why should I care?” Readers ask these two questions at the beginning of every story. We often focus on the second question, how to hook a reader. But orienting the reader is just as important. They need to know the setting: this is a wider question than just the geographic […]