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  • Ban Cliches: How to Stand Out in Today’s Crowded Market

    The number one rejection I hear is this: “The story doesn’t stand out in today’s crowded market.” The SCBWI is creating an opportunity for illustrators to test their art and how it holds up in today’s market. Each month, the “Draw This” monthly art prompt will provide a word for members to illustrate. For years […]

  • Creativity: 8 Ways to Keep the Stories Coming

    If you want a career in writing, you must keep the stories coming. In the midst of life, with all its ups and downs, words need find their way onto paper. Here’s how to keep the characters talking to you. Create an office. Even if you don’t have a separate room, create some sort of […]

  • How Do you Get So Much Done?

    I was recently asked this question: How do you get so much work done? What have you found to be the single most important element to boost your writing productivity? Office hours. About 8 years ago, my husband and I bought a 3-story Victorian house in downtown Little Rock. The bottom two floors are my […]

  • The Lonely Brainstormer

    Searching for the Right Ideas Brainstorming, created by advertising genius Alex Osborn, is meant to be a group activity, a way to encourage everyone to participate. It’s usually set up with rules that encourage ideas, even if they are wild, while discouraging any negative comments which might stem the flow of ideas. What it encourages […]

  • Quoted at the Conference

    Many speakers used quotes in their presentations or made memorable statements. Here’s my collection of quotes from the conference: About True Love: “It’s great when a publisher loves my work, but a contract is better; a contract is True Love.” Jarrett J. Krosocka, picture book and graphic novel author and illustrator. Humorous Take on True […]

  • Am I a Fearless Writer?

    Fearless Writing is highly recommended if you are in a time of your life when you need to face the issues surrounding creativity, the whys of your work, or how to keep writing and the writing life in balance with the rest of your life.