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  • Work on YOUR Work

    A friend has the enviable position of finding himself receiving an offer of representation for his first adult novel. It’s an amazing story: first novel, first agent who saw it is totally enthusiastic. Thrilling! But on the heels of the excitement comes the realization that possible publication brings with it a new set of problems. […]

  • Why Rejection Should Be Your Goal

    Why Would Anyone Choose Rejection? Is rejection your goal? No, of course not. You and I both want to succeed, to have a manuscript accepted and to sell thousands of books. When you apply for jobs, though,

  • Joelle Anthony

    by Joelle Anthony The guest post today is by Joelle Anthony, whose first novel will debut in Summer, 2010: Restoring Harmony (Putnam) It’s always sad to me when a writer tells me that they really need to finish their novel so they can get an agent because they’ve been at this for a couple of […]

  • Test Submissions

    Submit, Then Revise At our spring conference, Jen Rofe, literary agent at Andrea Brown Literary spoke about sending out manuscripts. The one thing that surprised me was her attitude toward submission and revision. Rofe said she usually sends out a mss to about five editors. Then, depending on the feedback, she’ll often ask the writer […]

  • First Contract Advice

    Last weekend, I was in Chandler, Oklahoma, a sleepy little town on the old Route 66. I didn’t get much sleep, though, because I was there to teach a Picture Book Retreat. Here are reports from Sara, Susan Meyers, and Leeth. Also, check out the Okie Book Woman, who added lots of photos of the […]