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  • Top 20 Picture Book Agents: 234 Sales in the Last 12 Months

    What agents are selling picture books? Publishersmarketplace.com does a great job of monitoring the business of selling manuscripts to publishers. If you’re looking for an agent, you’ll want to spend a lot of time there doing research on agents to find the perfect match for you and your stories. Here’s just one way to look […]

  • 11 Ways to Ruin a Photograph

    11 Ways to Ruin a Photograph

    Awkward Family Photos Holidays mean family photos, right? This children’s book shows the extremes to which a kid can go to avoid those photos. The difference is that this girl has a good reason. THE STORY: “11 Ways to Ruin a Photograph” When her father goes soldiering for a year, a girl decides that without […]

  • Alternate Publishing: Games and Education Resources

    Continuing the series about Alternate Publishing. This is part 5 of 7. Alternate Publishing Series TOC Alternate Publishing: POD to Finish a Series Alternate Publishing: Niche Marketing of Nutrition for Kids Alternate Publishing: Historical Fiction Alternate Publishing: Book Apps Alternate Publishing: Games and Educational Resources Rich Davis is an illustrator extraordinaire, with a generous heart […]

  • Jacobs, Harwell Speak in Arkansas

    The Arkansas Society of Children’s BookWriters and Illustrators conference (see the national SCBWI site here) was this weekend in North Little Rock, AR, my home town! It was a small, cozy conference; but look out, because Arkansas writers have big dreams. Kudos to the AR-Regional Advisor, Phyllis Heman, for planning a great conference. The speakers, […]

  • Value of school visits

    Yo-Yos v. Author When I first started doing school visits, I was uncertain, trying to figure out what to do and why. That’s when I had a near encounter with a yo-yo. I went to a rural elementary school a week after a yo-yo company had performed at the school. The yo-yo people had charged […]

  • Suzanne Morgan Williams: 2k9

    Introduced first in 2007, debut children’s authors have formed a cooperative effort to market their books. Last year, I featured many of the stories of how the 2k8 Novels Were Revised. This is part of the ongoing stories from the Class of 2k9 Research on Iraqi War Injuries Changed Character by Suzanne Morgan Williams My […]