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  • Are Epub Picture Books Still 32 Pages?

    DOES EPUB CHANGE THE 32-PAGE ILLUSTRATED PICTURE BOOK? The gold standard for printed, illustrated children’s picture books is 32 pages. It has to do with the way paper folds: eight sheets will fold nicely into what is called a signature. More than that, the ends of the pages don’t align well. Four signatures is 32 […]

  • 33 pages

    The 33 page picture book No, there are no 33-page picture books. Not yet. At a recent conference, though, I had a discussion about why picture books are usually 32 pages. One person suggested

  • Shakespeare Helps You Write a Better Picture Book

    When you’re thinking about writing a picture book, the structure if important. With about fourteen double-page spreads, it’s time to turn to Shakespeare for some help. Sonnets and Picture Books I think you can compare picture book structure to the structure of poetry. For example, sonnets have 14 lines, picture books can have 14 double-page […]