You probably read my SCBWI Bulletin column, “An Independent Perspective.” Thanks for following up and stopping by.

I am a long-time SCBWI member. I started the Arkansas chapter and was the regional advisor and conference director for six years. I ran the conference for another ten years.

When someone asks me about trying to write children’s books, the first thing I say is, “Join SCBWI!”

Independent Publishing

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However, for the last five years, I’ve been an independent publisher, too. See my books at MimsHouse.com

I’ve also taught about indie publishing for Highlights Foundation.

I’ve learned a lot. A LOT!
If only we had a couple hours to chat over coffee, I’d be glad to share with you. Because you probably have lots of questions.

Instead, I’d love to give you a Indie Publishing Resource that lists the publishing, printing and distribution services that I use. Just sign up below and I’ll send it right over.

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