Traveling: Denver’s Tattered Cover Bookstore

I am traveling this week, visiting family in Denver. And we went to visit the Tattered Cover independent bookstore.

I like to visit indie bookstores when I travel because it gives me a better idea of the industry as it plays out across the nation. And it’s fun to see all the different ways that people display books.

Here are a couple pics of different areas of this great indie bookstore. Click to see the photos full size.

Tattered Cover Indie Bookstore, Denver, CO.

Tattered Cover, Indie Bookstore, Denver, CO. Children's section.

One of the interesting things at Tattered Cover was the Espresso Book Machine. This is a print-on-demand printer that both prints and binds a book while you watch. I’ve heard of them for several years, of course, but never seen one. It’s large. Watching the pages flip through the printer is fascinating. Tattered Cover Press is the official designation of books printed here.

Espresso Book Machine: POD Printer

Tattered Cover Press print-on-demand Espresso Book Machine.

I also stopped by the Kobo ebook reader section and checked out all of their selection. (Read my recent post about why you should pay attention to Kobo. Hint: It has to do with indie bookstores.) Buy my books in Kobo format!

Of course–one of the best reasons to visit Colorado this time of year is the aspens!

The best reason to visit Denver this time of year: aspens turning golden.

Darcy at Mt. Bierstadt in the Rocky Mountains. We accidently tried this 14er (14,000 ft) hike and because we weren't prepared, we only made it to about 13,000 ft. Great day!

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  1. Yes, Tattered Cover is a Denver treasure and they have another location in the southern suburbs. I love their gift cards with a handwritten note they do for the recipient. You could spend a whole day inside just looking around. Thanks for spotlighting it in your post.

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