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For some time, I’ve been very interested in the ins and outs of marketing, public relations, social media, etc. I’ve thought about doing a separate website; instead, I’ve decided to write a PR Notes column on Wednesdays.

Your story. I’d love to include your PR story in a guest post or I’d be glad to send you a Q&A. I’m looking for stories of how you produced a book trailer, sent out press releases, turned a book signing into a great event, etc. What are you doing to bring attention to your work or to a specific book? Any special tips for using Twitter, Facebook, etc. for publicity?

Questions. I’d also love to answer your questions about PR. Ask and I’ll research and get back to you. Ask here

Meanwhile, I’ll start with an interesting chart from the site about digital marketing. Click on the chart to go to CMO’s site and download a pdf there. Or find the CMO’s chart here.

The chart has four columns, which represent possible goals for digital marketing. Customer communication, brand exposure, traffic to your site, and SEO (Search engine optimization).

If we translate that to the book publicity world, we might get:
Talking with our readers, name recognition, traffic to site and SEO.

Looked at that way here’s the social media sites that the CMO chart recommends. In other words, you must ask yourself, what is the goal of your promotion efforts and choose your sites accordingly.

Talking with our readers: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Name recognition: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Digg.
Traffic to your Site: Digg and Stumbleupon.
SEO: Flickr, YouTube, Digg, YouTube,

What do you think? Does the CMO chart cross over to book publicity? Which sites do you find useful for which goals?

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  1. I’m only on Facebook & reading blogs for now. With working, I don’t have time to Twitter or explore her other social networking options. I think a big one she misses, at least to connect to other authors, is blogs.

    I’ve always been curious about how much an author really connects with kid readers through these avenues and how to get the word out to kids that you’re out there to connect with.

  2. How timely that this should be your post!
    I am in the middle of doing PR for my first book to be released this week or next and to get it out there I’m doing a virtual book tour, virtual book launch and free taster podcasts. I’d love to share some with the readers

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