Network! Random Acts of Publicity


For more information on the Random Acts of Publicity Week, see this post or the Facebook Event page.

Today’s task for Random Acts of Publicity: For your friend or friend’s book do some kind of networking through a social media channel. Friend them. Like Them. Get Linked In. Network in some way.

Friend Me or Like Me: Social media is all about networks. Friend Me on Facebook (I’m at DarcyPattison) is a basic request from which all other things flow. For fan pages, be sure to “Like” them. This follows for,, or any other social media.

Events: Participate in an event you are invited to. If it’s a local event and you’re thousands of miles away, at least stop by the event site and write an encouraging note.

Network: Suggest to one friend that they may want to be friends with a couple other friends. Try to be deliberate about this and not just random, matching up people with like interests.

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