Harry Potter Flap Copy

The Harry Potter 7 book has no flap copy!

Flap copy is the stuff written on the inside and back flap of the dust jacket and traditionally serves as an advertisement, a teaser, to the reader. HP7 has nothing on the back flap. On the front flap is a simple statement: Here we present the seventh installment of the HP story.

No flap copy. Not needed for HP7.

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4 responses to “Harry Potter Flap Copy”

  1. On the contrary – I live in Ireland. The UK/Ireland version contains full inside and back flap copy!

  2. Clive–Really? Wow.
    There’s always talk about the difference in the UK and US versions, but I hadn’t heard this before.


  3. They are different publishers. Scholastic in the US and Bloomsbury in the UK. They make their own choices on the bumph, sometimes used different titles during the HP series, and usually have different artwork too (apart from the nuances of American English and English English of course).