Generous Agents

The holidays and the end of the year are bringing out the generous nature of agents!

The 2nd Sort-of-Annual Stupendously Ultimate First Paragraph Challenge

  • Deadline: 7pm. EST, Thursday, December 11, 2008.
  • Who: Literary agent Nathan Bransford, Curtis Brown, San Francisco office
  • What: Post the first paragraph of your WIP and compete for the prize of a partial critique, query critique or a 15 minute phone call.
  • How: Skip over to Bransford’s website and post your paragraph in the comments.
  • Warning: The competition is stiff. With 10 hours left, there were 1176 comments/paragraphs.
  • Attention: This is a learning opportunity. Read through at least some of these paragraphs and see which you like and which you don’t. What grabs your attention? Check back when Bransford posts the winners and vote on the finalist. Do you agree with his choices or not? Why or why not?

For more on opening lines:

Take a Holiday Break from Queries and Submit a Chapter Instead

  • Dates: December 15 to January 15
  • Who: Firebrand Literary
  • What: Firebrand agents want to read your first chapter and will forego the usual query. This is a big task for those agents and a great opportunity for writers of all kinds. For those of you who have never got a request for a partial (probably because your query was weak), this is your golden chance. Let your writing speak for itself.
  • How: Go to the Query Holiday posting on Firebrand’s website.

For more on opening chapters: