Bowen Press, Molly O’Neill, Assistant Editor

February 11, 2009 Update: BOWEN PRESS has been closed and Brenda Bowen has left Harpercollins. I have no information on where Molly O’Neill is at this time.

Continuing my reports from the 2008 Winter SCBWI conference in New York City:

Fire in the Hole

Jennifer Hunt, Executive Editor, Little Brown Books
Molly O’Neill, Assistant Editor, Bowen Press
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The Newest Imprint at Harpercollins Children’s Books

Molly O’Neill, Assistant Editor at Bowen Press and Brenda Bowen, Publisher, comprise the staff at this new imprint. They are excited about establishing a precedent for great literature as they launch their first list in Winter 2009. They are looking for a variety of titles. However, they are NOT accepting unsolicited submissions. Please submit through your agent.

Topics of Interest

  • Cultural trends and global matters, such as their March 2008 (the only early book), My Space/Our Planet: Change is Possible, a book about using My Space to support causes.
  • Literary Fiction. Bowen has published both Karen Hesse and Virginia Euwer Wolff, so the bar is very high here.
  • Popular fiction. Examples include Tad Williams and Deborah Beale’s The Dragons of Ordinary Farm.
  • Bold & Arresting picture books. Their first list has only author/illustrators, but they are also open to author texts for which they will find the best illustrator.
  • Graphic novels. C.M. Butzer’s The Graphic Gettysburg.
  • New talent/debut books.
  • Innovative, groundbreaking approaches.

O’Neill says, “Most of all, we’ll strive to publish good books well!”

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