A Visit to Chronicle Books

I was in San Francisco last weekend and went by Chronicle Books to visit with an editor. Here’s a peek at the tour of their offices.

Mocha at Ironsides Cafe, which is right beside Chronicle Books.

Entering Chronicle Books, San Francisco, CA.
Social space, gallery space, party space: top floor of Chronicle Books.
Format Archive. This shelf holds copies of every print format Chronicle Books has published. It is used as reference when considering the formatting of a project.
The competition shelf. Major publisher exchange books, so each can see what the competition is doing. When considering a project, editors often visit this competition shelf to compare the project under consideration to "today's crowded market."
One editor's desk at Chronicle Books. In the four story building, one floor is the art floor with all the designers; another floor is editorial; one floor is business personnel.

The Cover Wall. These are covers of current Chronicle books.

Part of the Kid's covers on the Cover Wall.

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  1. Love all the covers on the walls. Seeing all those colors and characters up there would seem to inspire creativity. Maybe I need to think about some new wallpaper …

  2. How exciting! Chronicle is the cutting edge publisher in the bay area. Their books are very contemporary and unique. It seems like you had a great time there. Thanks for sharing the photos and story.

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