The Book Trailer Manual: Official Release


It’s official: The Book Trailer Manual has just been released!

Dear Fellow Author:


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Expires at midnight 8/20/2010.

You’ve just sold a book and are facing the task of book promotion and publicity. Like all of us, you hope that your book will gain a wide readership. You want appreciation for your literary work, you want your career to jump-start, so you can write more books, not just this one. You’re hoping your name will soon be a household name and fans will anxiously be waiting for your next title.

But your publisher has a low budget for promotion and publicity for your book. Maybe you’re a mid-lister and you feel ignored. You understand that it’s hard to break through the cluttered media and capture the attention of readers. Really, all you want is to be able to explain your book, to tell the story behind your writing it, so the reader will understand it better.

No, what you really want is to forget all the publicity stuff and just write.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one, simple, easy way to get word-of-mouth started? Let your readers spread the word for you. Readers telling readers about your book, until they turn it into a best-seller, a classic. Fans telling fans about your book until there are enough fans they even start anticipating your next book.

In this uncertain world of publishing, there are no guarantees. But the online world has given us possibilities, especially book videos or book trailers. Think about how many times you’ve gotten email from a friend with a link to an exciting video. You watch it, right? Give people something to talk about with a great book trailer!

Read more at The Book Trailer Manual website and blog.

Book Trailer Manual Blog

I’ve also added a blog to the Book Trailer Manual site and plan to post weekly updates, such as new sites to submit trailers to, hints/tips on how to create better trailers and how to use it in marketing.

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