Thank you, Kindle!

Amazon’s Kindle blog has this news:

Thank you Kindle customers!

Thanks to you, in just the first 73 days of this holiday quarter, we’ve already sold millions of our all-new Kindles with the latest E Ink Pearl display. In fact, in the last 73 days, readers have purchased more Kindles than we sold during all of 2009. We’re grateful for and energized by the overwhelming customer response.

The Wayfinder ebook
Thanks! May you always Find your Way!

Thank YOU, too! The Kindle version of my teen fantasy, The Wayfinder, has been in the top rankings of Amazon this week, reaching a 3500+ rank for a couple days. Thanks! It’s fun to see this book find its way to Kindles that might reach teens.

If you have ordered a Kindle for a teen, teacher, friend or yourself, you can preload it with The Wayfinder by downloading here. Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read it with a free app for your PC. Here’s where you can give it as a gift. Or order for a Nook here. It’s priced at $2.99, a bargain!

Thanks for your support!

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